FARM of stay of VERCHALLES - B&B Rooms and table d'hôte - Natural area of camp-site - swimming pool… 
Famille GALVAING in Verchalles 15240 VEBRET Telephone: 04 71 40 21 58 or 06 37 63 06 58 ou 06 37 67 42 41 Email:


A Gastronomy:

Local savours propose to you:

* a tasty cheese plate

(Cantal Example)

* Specialities (pounti, truffade, pork-butchery….)

Through area markets :

* either with the farm
* or local

With various craftsmen and folklore auvergnat




Basket maker 

At 300 m  : 

A Green Trail (15 km) for pedestrians, cyclists and rollerbladers on the old railway line Bort-les-Orgues / Mauriac.


Bicycle rental center (some electric) in Ydes


Castle of Couzans 

Chapel of Roc Vignonnet 

An heritage site:

Discover the small built inheritance ( medieval city of Salers or Besse Chandesse)

Romanesque churches and vaults (chapel of Roc Vignonnet…)

many castles (Val, Auzers, Couzans…. )

burons of mountains

different puys (Puy Mary, Puy de Sancy, Plomb du Cantal)

Barrages on the Dordogne (barrage of Bort-les-Orgues to 5 km and its reserve)

thermal cities: La Bourboule, Le Mont-Dore: 45 km

Church of Vebret




With less 10km: 
Initiate with the climbing (Phonolite colummns of Bort-les-Orgues, rock of Châteauneuf…), excursion or VTT, either  going on our marked out ways or by borrowing the green track (on the spot on 12 km)

You will find centers of horsemanships (Riom-es-Montagnes, Mauriac)

The Castle of Val, and its beach and water sports, gorge of Rhue, the site of Saint-Nazaire, forests..


The Jump of the Saule

The  devil's bridge (forest of Gravières)

Climbing on the Org
ues of Bort

Dam Bort

The Castle of Val

The beach of Val

Parks : 

Scénoparc Io to 15 km, 

Vulcania with 1 hour


The Castle of Auzers

The site of Saint-Nazaire 

Walks in the high-speed motorboats


You will be able to appreciate various water sports on the many surrounding lakes
(water skiing, veil, bathe, canoe) and Val-Aventures (acrobranches).

Water sports… 


Tourist train Gentian Express train

We also invite you to come to discover the tourist train: the Gentiane Express train with its stops as the visit of the Avèze center at Riom-es-Montagnes (regional aperitif containing gentian)

flower of gentian


During the summer, many animations and festivities take place  (fête du Bleu, gentian, fanfarama, village fete , markets of country…) as well as visits in local farms (manufacture of cheese, stag breeding)



Salers cows


All this, to make known to you the CANTAL with its diversity of landscapes, for the discovery of fauna and the flora. The lakes, the peat bogs make the country green of holidays even more beautiful and attracting.

To approach with more close to nature, we organize at the end of the day, the visit of the farm.


Charming small hiking trail


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