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Famille GALVAING in Verchalles 15240 VEBRET Telephone: 04 71 40 21 58 or 06 37 63 06 58 ou 06 37 67 42 41 Email:

GEOGRAPHICAL SITUATION: France, The Massif Central, Auvergne, North of Cantal.

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The Sumène valley  and the Monts-Dore snow-covered

At an altitude of 480 m, VEBRET is located in the park of the volcanos between the Dordogne and Puy Mary.

In the North-East of the canton of Saignes, the commune of Vebret corresponds at the southern end of Artense, vast metamorphic plate which extends to south-west from the Monts-Dore. This sector is characterized by landscapes where hollows and bumps alternate.

After having descended the high plateaus, Sumène curves in a small plain which is widening in direction of Saignes.

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