FARM of stay of VERCHALLES - B&B Rooms and table d'hôte - Natural area of camp-site - swimming pool… 
Famille GALVAING in Verchalles 15240 VEBRET Telephone: 04 71 40 21 58 or 06 37 63 06 58 ou 06 37 67 42 41 Email:


Table d'hôtes

Capacity: 25 persons

Only the evening on reservation


Dining room with television



With the menu will be been useful to you:

* specialities of Auvergne: pork-butchery, truffade, pounti, stuffed cabbages, potful auvergnate, house tarts .


Petit salé aux lentilles

Potée auvergnate

Tourte de pommes de terre

La truffade


* Our poultry, pigmeats, calf, rabbit resulting from the farm are cooked by the housewife for the pleasure of your papillae.


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